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We offer a mobile grooming service that allows us to bring our equipment to you!

General Dog Maintenance

Happy Tails Mobile Dog Groomers offers full-service maintenance grooming.


We offer a luxury experience. Our team takes the time to wash your fur baby with our high-end imported products.

Nail Clipping

Our team of professionals has been trained to clip your pet’s nails quickly and efficiently, without causing them too much stress.


Beauty starts at home. Brushing your fur babies should be done 3 times a week to ensure the natural oils are dispersed to condition ....

Teeth Cleaning

Another of our fantastic luxury services is our teeth cleaning services. Allow us to maintain your pet’s pearly whites ...


Dipping is the process and product used to eliminate fleas and ticks. It’s Happy Tail’s policy to only dip dogs when ...


De-shedding is the process whereby we remove loose or matted hair from your fur baby. We need to remove ...

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of services suitable for your pet's needs. Contact us today for more services.

About Happy Tails

Happy Tails is a professional mobile pet grooming company that has been in the industry for over a decade. We boast a fleet of vans rigged with only the best equipment to provide your furry companions with the pampering they deserve in a stress-free environment mere meters away from their doorstep.

Our services extend to a wide area around Johannesburg. This includes areas such as;

We groom with gentle, loving care.

What people say

Where tails are waggin’ & pets are braggin’.

Happy Tails Will Go The Distance

We come to you because we care about your pets and want nothing less than for them to feel safe and comfortable in our hands. Being the sensible, caring pet owner you are, we’re sure you recognize the need to develop a regular grooming schedule for your companions.

Their safety and comfort in a familiar area will enhance our bond, making future maintenance easier for both our staff and your fur baby. This will allow us to provide them with the appropriate care for years to come, ensuring they look dashing and feel content after every experience with us.

We are a friend to your best friend. Your Dog’s grooming is our priority